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We are on a mission to raise the standards for health equity by unleashing the power that is in each of us to heal ourselves and one another through accountability, inclusion, and affirmation.
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How to Move Past Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

Have you ever had the experience of going through a tough situation—and finding more bad news around every corner? If we are already anxious or stressed, things can seem worse than they really are. We get stuck looking to the past and ruminating about what could have been or should have been.  For many, the year 2020 was one disappointment and missed milestone after another. Anyone with personal goals and plans experienced a sense of loss, likely in addition to grief over lost loved ones and canceled events. Whether or not we can do anything to change our circumstances, there is always a way to take control of our mindset.  Fixed vs Growth Mindset One way we can move on from constant negative thoughts is to cultivate a...

Cooking in Community

Food is better when shared with family and friends! Feed your mind, body, and soul with the Fit Together Family at our monthly Cooking in Community event. Feed Your Mind: With all the time spent taking care of chores and obligations, you deserve a moment of pause to check-in and reflect amongst a safe, supportive, and diverse community of people who care.  Connect with your Fit Together Family as we share in a guided conversation about our struggles and triumphs on our collective journeys towards health and wellness. Feed Your Body: Develop your skills and your confidence in the kitchen!  Cook with your Fit Together Community and learn how to prepare simple yet delicious meals with a focus on fresh, seasonal, whole foods that are packed with nutrients. ...