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We are on a mission to raise the standards for health equity by unleashing the power that is in each of us to heal ourselves and one another through accountability, inclusion, and affirmation.
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Holistic Health Services

Beginning a one-on-one coaching relationship with anyone on our team makes you a part of the Fit Together community. You receive individual attention and accountability from your coach, but as you work through your initial wellness goals and discover more about yourself, our network of specialists is available to walk alongside you as you grow and change. A customized coaching plan may include nutrition and healthy eating, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, self-care, life coaching, grief and trauma recovery, leadership, vertical development or other wellness practices.

Family fitness coaching can also be a powerful way to learn to conquer overeating and other health issues that result from the stress and anxiety of our oversaturated lives. Working with one of our coaches to create new habits and systems of accountability as a family unit can bring you closer together and help you hold onto the practices you learn for life-long wellness.


Meet our coaches and learn more about their areas of expertise:

Eileen Robertson Hamra

Health & Life Coaching

Eileen has coached individuals, families, and groups through the process of building a holistic lifestyle that enables them to reach their goals through practices like healthy eating, yoga, and mindfulness. She received her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor. Eileen has hosted several retreats at Blue Spirit retreat center in Costa Rica and other locations, and she has a passion for helping others who have experienced traumatic loss through Life Re-entry. 

Work with Eileen to create a plan for healthy living, reaching life goals, or a combination of both. Contact her to set up a free 30-minute consultation.

Tiani Pagan

Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching

Tiani is passionate about helping families and individuals integrate healthy habits into their day-to-day routines. Her process begins with getting to know each client’s health & wellness history so she can create the simplest, most effective plan to start living healthier, more enriched lives.

Work with Tiani to transform your diet in a practical, intuitive way—without strict rules, expensive ingredients, or foods you don’t like. She is offering nutrition and lifestyle coaching by the hour, including a kitchen clean out, meal planning, and meal prep. Get in touch with her to start your journey.

Melissa Chrusfield

Private Yoga

As a Certified Yoga Instructor, Melissa empowers individuals and groups to build physical and emotional strength through mindful movement. She sees yoga as a tool for healing oneself and each other, and she walks alongside her clients as they discover their own limitless potential. Each class and private session with Melissa is a thoughtfully crafted full-body experience that will leave you feeling a renewed connection with your authentic self. 

Get private 60-minute yoga sessions with Melissa, including assessment and personalization, virtually or in-person. Email her to start the conversation!