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How to Move Past Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

Have you ever had the experience of going through a tough situation—and finding more bad news around every corner? If we are already anxious or stressed, things can seem worse than they really are. We get stuck looking to the past and ruminating about what could have been or should have been.  For many, the year 2020 was one disappointment and missed milestone after another. Anyone with personal goals and plans experienced a sense of loss, likely in addition to grief over lost loved ones and canceled events. Whether or not we can do anything to change our circumstances, there is always a way to take control of our mindset.  Fixed vs Growth Mindset One way we can move on from constant negative thoughts is to cultivate a...

A Recipe for Kids’ Winter Wellbeing

As most parents have discovered by now, keeping your family happy and healthy in quarantine is quite a tall order. Most days, just coexisting under the same roof can be a challenge in itself. Children of all ages are still coping with disruptions to their normal routines and isolation from their friends. With limited space and devices for remote learning or entertainment and the addition of winter conditions, many families are reaching a breaking point. The first and most important thing to remember is that this is hard. There’s no good reason to feel guilty about that. You can struggle and still be a great parent. Taking some self-care time to work through your negative feelings will benefit everyone. Doing your best is enough! Trying to...


Building a Life you Love

Waking up to darkness and watching it fall back on us so early in the evening can feel smothering, even in the beautiful city of Chicago. So since I have started to be intentional on this journey to know myself, accept myself and care for myself I have learned that smothered feeling, like all my feelings, is valid. It is my body softly, gently letting me know what it needs. It’s whispering Hey Melissa...