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Our Story

Fit Together is a collective of holistic wellness coaches from diverse backgrounds who combine their strengths to support groups and individuals on their wellness journey. Before it grew into a business, these women started out by sharing wellness practices: morning yoga dates turned into discussions about community-building and nutrition. They recognized the way their passions Fit Together, and individual passions grew into supportive relationships and accountability.

Eileen Robertson Hamra and Melissa Chrusfield first met at the dance studio where their daughters both took lessons. Their friendship grew and soon they were sending early morning texts to inspire each other. Eileen was the yoga expert, leading 6 a.m. practices even during brutal Chicago winters. Melissa brought a deep awareness of the ways systemic racism creates disparity in health and wellness outcomes and the impact of it on our city, country, and world. Her vision for more equitable and inclusive resources and opportunities for Chicago residents sparked great discussion.

They continued to grow their expertise and their relationships, and eventually, they realized they had built a special community. Their next goal became to share that community model with others, using conversations around diversity and wellness education to reduce disparities in life expectancy, and that’s when Fit Together was born.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to raise the standards for health equity by unleashing the power that is in each of us to heal ourselves and one another through accountability, inclusion, and affirmation. We believe that creating vibrant, successful families and communities begins with empowering individuals to achieve holistic wellness in their own unique and natural way. We want to walk alongside people as they experience a radical change in the way they see themselves, others, and wellness that affects every area of their life and community.

Our Impact

The Fit Together coaches have already touched the lives of thousands of people through retreats, classes and one-on-one coaching on various wellness topics.
People from all over the world gathered for a Zen to Zipline retreat in Costa Rica where Eileen Robertson Hamra taught yoga and wellness workshops. Melissa Chrusfield has enriched communities on the West Side of Chicago and taught classes for CPS teachers and students. As Fit Together, each person in our wellness community will become an ambassador for holistic living and they will enrich other communities through their presence. We believe that community-wide wellness begins with empowering the self, and we can have a global impact by starting right here in Chicago.

Wellness Wheel



Our core beliefs, values, and ethics guide our actions and decisions in life. Whether you follow any traditions in this area or not, spending time with yourself and gaining spiritual self-awareness is an important foundation for overall wellness.


Emotions often drive our decision making and behavior, but they don’t have to. Making space to experience, embrace and acknowledge our emotions without giving them power over our lives enables us to move through life intentionally and with clarity. As we journey towards becoming more self-aware and having a healthier relationship with our emotions, and their causes, we will see the positive effects in all areas of our lives.


Exercising our minds is a great way to gain confidence in our areas of interest and ensure we don’t become stagnant. While the pursuit of intellectual growth has shown to keep our minds nimble, it also expands our view of the world. Staying curious and engaging in activities that stretch our minds is proven to help us live longer, richer lives.


Investing in our physical health through nutrition, exercise and preventative care is an integral part of overall wellness. Regardless of age, gender or body type our physical wellness and energy levels are a major determinant for our quality of life. Our body will carry us through life and it is our job to ensure it is healthy enough to take us wherever we would like to go.


Financial wellness is a key part of overall wellness and isn’t determined solely by the amount of money you have. It consists of creating a plan to live and provide for your future, beginning with the ability to survive with the goal being to thrive. A lack of financial wellness can be a major factor in stress and anxiety, affecting your overall health, so investing time and energy in this part of your life is time well spent.


Your surroundings have a huge impact on your health, affecting your mood, energy levels and sleep; from the maintenance, energy and amount of light in your home, to the resources available in your neighborhood and the beauty of the natural world around you. Ensuring your environment provides you with energy, a sense of purpose, community and well-being is an important part of your overall health.


Relationships with family, friends and co-workers are an important part of who we are and our wellness. None of us were meant to be alone and the people we choose to have in our lives and the way we interact and communicate with them can drive our outlook on life. Building a reliable, honest and loving support system that will affirm and hold you accountable is a must and what Fit Together is all about!

Meet the Team

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Eileen Robertson Hamra


Eileen Robertson Hamra is a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, author, educator, and inspirational speaker. Her experience ranges from coaching individuals and families to educating elementary school students in nutrition, yoga, and Life Reentry. She earned her BS in Management Science from Virginia Tech and her MBA in Finance from Case Western Reserve University. She received her health coaching training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and is also a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor.

In addition, Eileen brings to Fit Together, her unique experience as a Founding Partner of Evolution Workforce, a Corporate Wellness Company focused on creating custom solutions that improve clients’ bottom lines by lowering healthcare costs, increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism, and improving morale and job satisfaction. Eileen also serves on the boards of several impact investing and nonprofit organizations.

Eileen enjoys an active lifestyle with her family and her four children. She is committed to empowering others to live healthy and extraordinary lives.

Melissa Chrusfield


Melissa is a Certified Yoga Instructor with a heart and a passion for unearthing the limitless potential in all people. She is a long-time resident of the West Side of Chicago, an advocate for her community and a mother of three. She desires deeply that the beauty, potential and great value of every human be recognized with both words and action, and she sees yoga as a tool for healing oneself and each other.

Melissa has served as a member of the Community Advisory Committee for the Sinai Urban Health Institute for five years, the Co-Chair for UIC's Greater Lawndale Healthy Work Project, a member of the Better Baby Zone Committee in East Garfield Park and a member of the planning committee for West Side United. Melissa believes authentic relationships are at the root of real change.

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